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Our Town Deserves Better--Vote NO on Measure C


VOTING NO on MEASURE C will REJECT the Loomis Town Council’s approval of Ordinance #275 - Rezoning of approximately 66.5 acres site to Planned Development and rejects the Preliminary Development Plan and Development Standards for the Village At Loomis project.

Ordinance 275, Section 2 Findings, states “The proposed rezoning would NOT be detrimental to the public interest, health, safety, convenience, or welfare of the Town”, and yet this proposed rezoning would bring:

•  381 new housing units (including a 3-story, 117 unit apartment complex) which means an approximate increase of 1,200+ additional residents (18% population increase) within the 61 acres of buildable land

•  800+ residential vehicles, which means thousands of extra vehicle trips each day

•  Public services greatly impacted (over-crowded schools, sheriff, fire, library, etc.)

•  Increased noise and pollution levels and parking issues

•  Loss of commercially zoned property along the Interstate 80 Freeway

•  Loss of semi-rural atmosphere and significant loss of native tree canopy

•  5 acres of fragmented parks built into flood plains and unprotected wetlands which lack restrooms and dedicated parking

•  Increase of crime, traffic violations and traffic accidents

•  Alleyways (which are included in the square footage of lots sizes), lack of sidewalks in a so-called “Walkable Community”, absence of appropriate yards accessible from homes with pets, children, and group gatherings

Don’t Loomis residents deserve a say-so in whether or not they believe these things are detrimental or not?

On April 25, 2018, the Loomis Planning Commission unanimously voted to recommend denial of the Village At Loomis project, and although not all of their concerns were properly addressed, the Town Council voted on January 8, 2019, 4-1 in favor of its full approval despite major opposition and outcry from the citizens who live within the Town Limits of Loomis.

Our Town Deserves Better--Vote NO on Measure D


VOTE NO on MEASURE D to REJECT the Council’s approval of the Planned Development Agreement for the Village project

Council says the project wouldn’t be detrimental to our community, and yet this Planned Development Agreement will bring:

·  800+ residential vehicles, putting thousands of extra vehicles trips on our roads

·  Increase of crime, traffic collisions and violations

·  Insufficient parking for residents/guests and increased noise and pollution levels

·  Five acres of fragmented parks lacking dedicated parking and restrooms

·  Over 60% of homes will have minimal to zero private yard space for play or entertainment

Don’t Loomis residents deserve a say-so in whether or not these issues are detrimental?

VOTE NO on Measure D if you believe that Loomis is heading down the wrong road

Loomis---"A Small town is like a Big Family"

Beautiful Loomis

Loomis--"A Small Town is Like A Big Family"

Country Roads


The original concept our town was presented.


This is from the original plan presented to our town with retail areas to enhance our town.  Below is what our town is scheduled to get if we do not VOTE NO on C & D....

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