Rebuttal AGAINST the in favor argument on Measure D

                                      REBUTTAL TO ARGUMENT IN FAVOR OF MEASURE D 

                                                              (Regarding Ordinance 276) 

By VOTING NO on MEASURES C & D we’re asking for this: 

 Fewer Vehicles, allows for less traffic congestion on Loomis’ two-lane country roads 

 Fewer Students in our already over-crowded classrooms 

 Fewer Residents competing for public services 

 More Affordable Housing for our Seniors 

 Fewer 2-Story Houses and 3-Story Apartments 

 Fewer Alleys (there are currently 18 alleys planned) 

The “No on Measures C & D” campaign is proud to state: We are sponsored and funded only by the People who live and work in the community of Loomis

Yes on Measures C & D campaign says: They’re sponsored and major funding by The Village at Loomis, LLC (an Out-Of-Town Corporate Developer). 

For the last two years Loomis Citizens have lined up every month at Council meetings communicating their concerns with the design of this project; our Council and the developers have ignored us.

When over 600 of our fellow Loomis Citizens signed Referendum petitions in 12 days expressing their displeasure with the design of the project; and again our Council and the developers have ignored us. 

Let’s tell our Council and the developers one last time “We want a better neighborhood design for the future of our Town!” This time our Council and the developers can’t ignore us! 

We have got one last chance to get this development right, so please join all of the other fellow Loomis residents and VOTE NO ON Measures C & D by June 18th! 

Loomis Citizens For Responsible Growth