Rebuttal AGAINST the in favor argument on Measure C


                                      REBUTTAL TO ARGUMENT IN FAVOR OF MEASURE C

                                                            (Regarding Ordinance 275)


Our grassroots group exhaustively studied the project documents and General Plan. There are flaws in the arguments of the pro-“Vote Yes” campaign:

· Our Council is irresponsibly placing GREAT decision-making value on Doc Barnes Rd., a road we haven’t seen a true quote on or cost comparison for. The developers aren’t obligated to pay the full $14 million budgeted.

· Doc Barnes Rd. is a required road that development residents need - to access their alleyways. It’s front-loaded in an already congested area, by a major highway on-ramp. Expect it to be crowded with nearly 5,000 projected vehicle trips per day.

· Measure C (Ordinance #275) extend the developers a “Planned Development” zone; essentially giving them the keys to our Town and with it, the developers can BEND RULES within our GP.

· Fortunately, the adopted Resolution #19-02 has changed zoning at the project site. APARTMENTS ARE NO LONGER THE SAME THREAT. Most of the Commercial Zoning (alternates to apartments) has changed to residential.

· The Development DOES NOT qualify as affordable housing, the Town of Loomis is still required to resone another area for high density, affordable housing. The Town Council has created a never-ending problem with no foreseeable solution.

· The project is NOT a family-friendly plan, nor AFFORDABLE for most young families. There are tiny yards and minimal safe areas for kids to play in. There are no sidewalks, either. Loomis needs a better development there!

MEASURES C & D go hand-in-hand, VOTE NO!