Why are so many residents against the Village Development Design?

The 66 acres of Village property was zoned almost 2/3rd Office Professional/ General Commercial/Town Center Commercial and then 1/3 Residential.  Our Town Founders wanted the Commercial Revenue Taxes to improve our Public Safety, Roads and Parks. Our Town Founders wanted the jobs in town for our family’s, our neighbors and future generations of our kids. The Developer has significantly reduced the amount of Commercial space and greatly increased the residential space, which in turn significantly reduces the Towns Revenue Taxes. Without this revenue tax we prevent future increases in Public Safety Officers and basic services like Road Repair and Resurfacing. Source: Existing General Plan Designations, copy of map Posted in News, What we believe. 

The residential space (381 total units = 264 homes and 117 apartments) has been increased in a manner that is an extension of our southern cities.  Loss of our Rural character!

By Voting No - Will we lose all of the nearly $2 million in school funding?

Absolutely not!  The Loomis Union School District has a Contract in place with the Village Developer that requires payment on any type of housing and commercial built.  Even if the developer were to transfer title to this land, the School Funding Contract would remain in place.

If the 66 acres "never" gets built upon, then there will be no housing units and no students. With no students, then there will be no need for Level One Fee’s and Supplemental Fee’s to be paid by the Developer to the School District.

Source: School Facilities Mitigation Agreement pg 3, Fees and Payment Conditions and pg 7 Successors and Assignees 

 Loomis Union School District Agreement requiring The Village Developer to pay the additional fees no matter if No on C&D wins 

Loomis School Contract (pdf)


The Village Development claims it will be funding additional Public Safety resources?

Misleading Statement, our Town General Fund pays the Placer County Sherriff to provide services through our property taxes.  The Village Development will increase the Loomis Town population by 1,100± residents which will mandate an increase by the Sherriff Department along with the additional cost. The Placer County General Plan Policy 4H.1 requires that the County provide one Sheriff’s Department officer for every 1,000 residents.  

Source: EIR, Section 4.12, Public Services and Utilities. (Posted below) 

 Placer Sheriff's requirement for the additional officer for every 1,000 residents no matter if No on C&D wins 

LOOMIS 4.12-Public-Svcs-and-Utilities (1) (pdf)


The Village Development claims it will be funding needed road improvements?

Misleading Statement, the Town is not getting “any” additional traffic lanes to our existing 2 lane roads. What we are getting are more traffic bottlenecks.  The plan will add 3 new traffic lights and 2 roundabouts at the 5 entrances/exits to the Village Development in order to disperse the additional 5,000 vehicle trips per day generated by the development.  

EXAMPLE:  Those that live in the Sunrise Loomis Area off of King Road: residents currently go through 4 traffic lights to travel to Horseshoe Bar Road/Highway 80, with the new "road improvements " the same residents will go through 6 traffic lights and a single lane roundabout, all this in about a mile. Sad, but this will probably give us the record for most traffic lights in 1 mile in Placer County. A second route is 5 traffic lights and 2 single lane roundabouts by cutting through the Village Development at Webb Street. A third route suggested by the developer is to take the Doc Barnes extension road,  you’ll only be dealing with the residents in the 381 new dwellings and this route will be 5 lights and 1 extra mile to get to the same Sunrise Area off of King Road.  The only new roads the Developer is building are within the Village Development Property. 

Source: EIR Report

Does the Village Plan include parks to be constructed?

The answer is yes, but not complete parks. There will be no bathrooms and not enough dedicated parking for park visitors. The expense for bathrooms will be passed on to the Town of Loomis.  Fyi: Sunrise Park has been waiting years for permanent bathrooms and the last estimate came in at $150,000. There are only 20 dedicate parking spaces for the smaller U-10 soccer field.  With 2 teams there will be 20-22 players, parents, grandparents, friends. coaches, referee's and with 20 minute overlaps between games 20 spaces isn't enough.  The Developer has chosen to fragment the rest of the 5.69 acres of park space. There will be Civic Park(u-10 soccer field) and 6 smaller parks with several above and below housing grades and then he will pay the In-lieu fees by subtracting .6 acres of the required park land. Finally, there will be no dedicated spaces for the other 6 small parks for visitors. 

Source: Village at Loomis Development Plan and Town Council Meeting minutes. 

But couldn't it be worse without this plan?

Any future plan would still have to be approved by the Planning Commission and stay within the guidelines of the General Plan, as it is currently without the rezoning.

Why weren't the changes by the Developer sent back to the planning commission?

I know the Planning Commission voted 5-0 “against” the Village Development, but it was sent on to the Town Council anyways.  At that point the developer made major changes to the design, so why weren’t these new designs sent back to the planning commission so they could do their jobs?

The Town Council and Town Manager made the decision to bypass the Planning Commission with these major design changes without community support. The town residents were ignored at the Town Council Meetings, when we asked the Council to return the “new” designs to the Planning Commission so they could do their jobs. 


Source: Town Council Meetings

What does it mean--Planned Development?

Planned Development allows the Village Developer to ignore aspects of  the General Plan and Municipal codes in order to increased residential densities, include parking and land easements on neighboring property, remove driveways in 113 units, decrease setbacks on all 4 sides of home, increase the lot coverage, add alleys, include alley footage to make minimum lot sizes, ignore 2 story height requirements, modify the existing land use designations by decreasing Commercial Zones and increasing Residential Zones, etc... 

What does the Planned Development really say?

You can find the actual "The Village at Loomis" Planned Development documents (last revision) on the Town of Loomis website under the Jan 8, 2019 Council Agenda or follow the link below.


Why is the School District in favor of this development & not question any of the details?

I don’t know if they’re in favor so much that, in 2017 before the current development designs, the School District signed a contract with the developer that requires them to support this development.


From the School District contact with the Developer; “In addition, the District shall express its support both orally and in writing, at each public hearing for the Project development approvals based on the need for additional new housing in the Town of Loomis as proposed by Owner and the adequacy of the School Facilities to be constructed pursuant to this Agreement.”.   

Source: School Facilities Mitigation Agreement pg. 10, Section 4.19..

Why are Politicians & Developers in favor of this Development?

The Developer’s are easy to understand, “they want to maximize profits.”  With the Politicians; everyday at the Federal, State and Local levels, they take decisions away from the local communities. Politicians believe they know what’s best for our community without any consideration or input from the people they serve and live there. Our town politicians live in fear that the Developer will propose a worse design or again, postpone the development.  Remember the scariest words you’ll ever hear are “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you.” Source: Ronald Reagan

Why is the developer using misleading information and fear tactics?

This is a big pay day for all those involved.  This is at least a $200 million dollar project, with at least $40 million in profits.  

How do I research these items on the Town of Loomis Website?

Here is the website for the Town of Loomis:      https://loomis.ca.gov/

Finding what you’re looking for:

Most items can be found by hovering your mouse over the titles in the main banner.  This will produce a drop-down menu with links to various departments and files available on-line.

The General Plan:

Can be found under “How Do I…?” drop-down menu.

A drop-down menu will appear; 

Under “View” you will find the links; 

This will open a page that has a link to the General Plan

(be sure to read the “Amendments” for GP changes)

Municipal Codes:

Can be found under “How Do I…?” drop-down menu.

Can also be found under “Town Government” drop-down.

Click “Municipal Codes”

This will open a page that has a link to the Municipal Codes

(this is separate from the Town’s website – suggest opening in a new tab)


Access the “Municipal Codes” link. 

On the left side column is a link to the “Ordinance List”

(Actual Ordinances can be requested from the Town of Loomis office

and currently not available on-line.)

Information about the Referendum:

From the “Home” page, scroll down towards the bottom

Under: “What’s Happening…”

Select “Referendum Against Ordinance 265 and 276”

This will open a new page that list Ordinances and Resolutions;

Click on the item you want to view

Village Reports:

An Overview and some Reports can be found in:

“How Do I…?” drop-down menu (see above)

Staff Reports can be found under “Town Government”

“Council Agenda” This will open a new page with meetings by year, then date – the latest being March 12, 2019.

Zoning Map:

Roll over “Town Departments”

(“Town Government” take you to a different page)

Or from theHome” page, scroll down towards the bottom

Under: “What’s Happening…”

Click “Planning Department”

Scroll down towards to “Forms”

Click Zoning Map to open


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