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Why the Village isn't right for Loomis

  • Too quickly adding 381 total dwellings and 1200+/- residents to a small town of 6,700
  • If you think traffic is bad now, imagine sharing our existing roads with at least 1000 more cars everyday
  • If you think the High School is impacted and crowded now, imagine at lease 80-100 more students at Del Oro High School
  • If you think Loomis Union School District is impacted and crowded now, imagine pickup and drop offs with 160-200 more students
  • If you think parking is bad, the developer is cutting street and alley parking so our existing neighborhoods will become their parking lots
  • Single lane Horseshoe Bar Road, King Road and Taylor Road will be required to handle ALL the additional traffic with no street widening!  Developer hopes a single lane traffic round-a-bout on Horseshoe Bar and 3 more traffic lights might help
  • New residents will be burdened with Mello-Roos and HOA fees to keep the developers profits high
  • Developer wants to reduce commercial space and jobs to add more profitable houses!
  • Developer wants to cut required parking spaces to add more houses!
  • Developer wants to create yard easements and cut yard space to add more houses!
  • Developer wants to eliminate driveways to add more houses!
  • Developer would make the first neighborhood in Loomis with back alleys to add more houses!


Miguel Ucovich

I have had the pleasure to serve as your Councilmen for the past 20 years. Over the last few years I’ve enjoyed working with the new Town Council and Planning Commission members, but now I’m worried that we are turning away from our roots. 

We are turning away from controlled slow growth, which was voted on and prescribed in our Town’s General Plan. 

We are trading our future Jobs and Commercial Tax Revenue for short term residential fees. 

I’m asking you to join me on June 18th and Vote No on Measures C & D.  

Thank you & remember to vote.

Miguel Ucovich

Loomis best of the American dream


Loomis … a town whose citizens stand up for the National Anthem at Del Oro’s football games. On Saturdays, we barbecue with family and friends, and on Sundays, we appreciate the blessings.

We are a community where being involved in 4-H is a badge of honor. Where kids still say “yes ma’am” and “no sir.” We are a community where foster kids have found hope for 37 years with Koinonia.

Our citizens are caring and volunteer with groups like Seniors First, looking after our elderly. We are a community of small- town heroes, who stop to move turtles across the street to safety or shoo mother ducks with babies off the road.

Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic is always helpful, offering free drop-offs for found pets and chip-check to help reunite them with their owners. Where Golden Eagle Auto has been known to help customers with car repairs, even though they were financially strapped.

We’re a community that has fun being silly. What other town has an annual “Day Before Thanksgiving Parade” where anyone can participate? Council members Duncan and (former council member) Ucovich are concerned about our town, urging developers to give us a better plan with less density housing. We are not a city… we are the town of Loomis!

Loomis should not have 18 long alleys with only garage doors that give the appearance of a storage facility, just because the developer won’t provide driveways. We shouldn’t be used by developers with poorly-planned designs, only to increase their profits. We’re a town with a unique history. Old fruit sheds that other town planners may have suggested demolishing were instead revitalized, some by community grassroots efforts. A train track through the center of town takes us back to the turn of the century. At least today, Loomis is the best of the American dream.

Sonja L. Cupler, Loomis Resident

Connie Mancasola

Supporters for The Village at Loomis Development attempt to influence opinions on the project by using the fear of “what-if?” What if this project doesn’t pass -something worse will go in, like 600 duplexes with no new roads. Or, what if this project doesn’t pass - our schools will crumble and our roads will collapse. The fear of what-if is meant to manipulate, but it is not based in fact or logic.

The developer is not creating this planned unit development with the well-being of our town in mind, the developer has one goal and that is to make the most money possible. As businessmen, that should be their main goal. However, the town planning commission and town council members should also have only one goal, and that goal should be to protect and fight for Loomis and to listen to what the existing community wants.

If you vote no on C & D, the sky is not going to fall. Loomis’ schools and roads will be fine! That land won’t be turned into a sea of duplexes, fourplexes and apartments. Proponents of the Village like to paint that picture to scare you, but it is fiction.

Logically any developer is going to present a plan that maximizes his profit, what he is proposing is the most profitable development plan for him. If the general plan (like the supporters of the Village claim) meant he could have already built 600 units with apartments, duplexes and fourplexes without needing the approval of the town council, and that would have been profitable, he would have done that and skipped the years of stress and agony while trying to push this current plan on our town. The developer is not going to develop something that is not desirable to the demographic of those wanting to invest in Loomis.

DON’T let the illogical fear tactic of “what if” sway you to vote yes on C & D. Vote NO and demand something better, Loomis deserves it - and with the right leadership, we can get it.

Traffic...from Concerned Loomis homeowner

Who of us likes to sit in Traffic? I certainly don’t. But more often than not, there is heavy

traffic on Horseshoe Bar Road. Lots of traffic! Cars going fast! Very fast!

So far, in four years our fences, trees and gate have lost to a car, a pickup truck and a

motorcycle. The traffic is so bad at times that it takes 10 plus minutes to go from the

bridge over the freeway to Taylor Road.

More than that, I would like to be able to get out of my own driveway safely. There are

times it takes about 5 minutes just to turn left onto the street. You can think you are

safe and in the corner of your eye you see a car racing around the corner. Racing, I

said. Speed limits (25 in front of my house) are not taken seriously. There are times

when I go up Horseshoe Bar and instead of turning left onto our property, I go up to the

Raley’s parking lot and turn around for fear I will be rear ended because cars go too fast

around the curve. My daughter was rear ended turning right into our driveway.

Now you want to add more traffic, 5000 more car trips per day. I will never be able to

turn left onto the street. I will have to turn right and go to town the long way.

This is not why I moved to the Town of Loomis.

Loomis Resident

Did you know that Loomis is only 7.27 square miles? 

We truly have a unique environment in what is becoming an over-developed region. 

Loomis has a population density of about 950 persons per square mile, but The Village proposal of 381 housing units on .08 square miles (net acreage about 50 for housing) is a population density equivalent of over 13,750 persons per square mile, even using The Village lowball population estimate of 1100. 

The Village design ~ with 21 alleys, 18 of which are dead ends; five fragmented pieces of land that are being called parks with little to no parking and no bathroom facilities; housing built right up to the freeway; with none of the envisioned retail centers ~ is a housing monstrosity that, for some reason, has been allowed to sail right through the Town Council approval channels.

Vote NO on Measures C and D on June 18! 

Loomis Resident and Business Owner

As a Loomis resident and business owner for over 10 years, my husband and I have enjoyed the Loomis country life. We moved here from Orangevale, which was stuck in the middle of two major suburban areas and the traffic was getting out of control. We chose Loomis for the small town feel and beautiful area.


We knew going in that some day Loomis would grow larger. We accepted that. The fact that the town council approved a plan that has such dense housing for the Village has us very concerned. 

Our town’s roads simply cannot handle the number of increased cars that the village project will bring. It is terrible getting through town currently at certain times of the day. We do not want out Horseshoe Bar exit to be like Hwy 65 exit….and we believe the backups on I80 to get off at Horseshoe Bar will be just that.

We believe that the village project is the WRONG plan for that parcel of land and for our town. We feel the Town Council could have fought for our town and requested a plan more suited for our country life. Roseville and Rocklin have high density housing and their traffic is awful.


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 We are a grass roots group of concerned Loomis citizens.  We are trying to prevent an OUT OF TOWN developer changing how our town will look.   

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