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No on Measure C & D Make sure to vote on June 18th


Reject Ballot Measure C & D

Loomis Town Council has changed the original development plan for the Villages to be built on approx 66 acres between Horseshoe Bar Road and King Road along I80. In addition the Town Council approved the rezoning of this land from Commercial and Offices with some residential, to the majority residential with very little commercial/office space. 

Most of the residential will be in medium to high density. There will be lot sizes only 3500 sq ft, including part of the alleyways. In one of the neighborhoods all 113 houses will be on 9 alleys with "No" driveways and "No" parking in these alleys.

The house parking is 2 spots inside the garage and then create's a 3rd spot on a use easement that will allow each home to use the side yard of the neighboring house. There will be limited street parking and the excess parking will intrude into adjacent neighborhoods.

The apartment complex will consist of "12" 3-story buildings and will be visible as you exit Horseshoe Bar road off I80.

The additional traffic resulting from the increase in population will traverse through town on our existing 2 lane country roads.  There will be "No" widening of any of our existing roads, but the development will be adding 3 new stop lights and 1 roundabout, further impeding our traffic flow.

As of May 4th, Loomis Deserves Better has only spent $2,500 donated by the Loomis residents, but the opposition of Developers and Politicians has spent over $94,000 paid for by one of the developers and 0 Loomis residents. 

One has to ask.....Why have they spent so much money to convince the Town's voters that the current "Village Project" is so great for our town? 


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This is the wrong plan for our town

Per the Town of Loomis website "The Town of Loomis is a quaint, family-oriented community. Established in 1850 and incorporated in 1984, Loomis retains its rural character and charm with its large residential lots and custom homes, an old-fashioned downtown, and woodlands with natural streams and rolling hillsides. " 

This Village plan is not what the town stands for...A SMALL Town is Like a Big Family.


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Where's Loomis?

Original song by Lenny Green about the Town of Loomis, CA. 

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